Latin American Issues

There are many economic issues going on in Latin America this present day. One of these issues happens to be inequality due to poverty. Because of poverty there is inequality. Latin America has the most unequal distribution of land wealth and income in the world. In Latin America the rich are separated from the poor. That is what is meant by inequality. Experts research why this is. They look at histoical events. Some events that caused inequality and poverty are the origins of inequality in colonial land distributions, the impact of educational oppurtunities on earning inequalties in Brazil, and racial discrimination in Brazil’s labor market.

 Government also plays a role in why there is so much in equality in Latin America. The government has many other economic issues such as bank robberies and drugs to be concerned with the lower class. The lower class or poor mean little too the government and society. All these people are more concerned about the economy and themselves. Lower classmen all looked down upon. This is why there is so much inequality in Latin America.


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